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With over 10,000 baby boomers retiring every single day, the need for skilled elder care professionals is only going to increase. In 2015 the population of Americans age 65 and older stood at 47.8 million, by 2060 that number doubles to 98.2, according to projections by the US Census Bureau.

Recognizing this growing need, Stetson Law established the Master of Jurisprudence in Aging, Law and Policy. The curriculum for this graduate degree for elder care professionals is designed to provide elder advocates in varying fields the legal knowledge and resources to make a difference for this growing and at times vulnerable population.  

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Aging, Law and Policy Program Director and Professor of Law at Stetson University College of Law, Professor Roberta K. Flowers, says, “We have designed our M.J. in Aging, Law, and Policy to address the current and practical legal issues faced by professionals working with the elderly on a daily basis. Our hope is that after every class the students will walk away with a new idea on how to better serve this deserving population.”

Develop a Level of Legal Fluency

As an elder care professional you are bound to have legal questions brought to your attention. In order to address these you need a good solid foundation on the basics of law. In Overview of Legal Systems and Administrative Law, you will learn how governments create laws and how laws are interpreted and enforced through government agencies. Fundamentals of Contract Law and Legal Research will provide the resources for you to review contracts and conduct your own legal inquiries, which will make you a valuable asset to your business, clients and consumers. Ethics and Professionalism will encourage you to think about the unique ethical issues faced by professionals dealing with the elderly, their families, and their caregivers.

Consider Top Concerns of Seniors from a Legal Perspective

You undoubtedly already know a lot about your industry. However, have you ever considered it from the legal perspective? The main portion of the curriculum of the Aging, Law and Policy degree will immerse you into hot legal topics such as disability law, gerontological healthcare, guardianship, taxes and estate planning, and ethics in elder care. These core classes include Healthcare and Program Benefits, Law and Aging, Guardianships and Alternatives, Long Term Care Planning, and Housing and Home Ownership. As an administrator, having an understanding of these topics from a legal perspective will help you make better decisions for the company and the patient or client.

Dive Deep into Your Research Topic

After completing these courses, your thesis will act as a final capstone of your studies. You will select a topic close to your heart and professional goals and complete a research project with the guidance of a professor. A thesis is a great opportunity to gain further knowledge about a specific elder care issue, address a problem you are passionate about and educate others, if you decide to share or publish it. It can also be a great conversation starter at networking events and job interviews.

Attain New Skills and Understanding to Make an Impact

After the program, you will have gained an understanding of legal matters impacting the elder community and be able to work directly with your legal team to address the issues facing this population to provide the best service possible. You will be able to review contracts and understand the nuances, and if you come across a legal inquiry, you will have the resources and knowledge to research it. And if you are having trouble finding it, as an alumnus you will always have access to our online library and librarians to assist in your legal research.

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