Rolling Admissions: What Does That Really Mean?

June 23, 2016

If you've heard that a school has rolling admissions, you may be wondering what that means for you. It certainly does not mean that you should wait until the very last day to submit your materials!


What we mean by rolling admissions is that we give you a span of time, or a window, where you can submit your materials and be considered for admission. That window for Stetson University College of Law is October 1st to May 15th. Although we may extend our deadline if demand warrants that decision, students should not count on being able to submit their materials after May 15th.

What happens when you apply?

We read files and make decisions within a couple weeks of receiving your completed application. Once you apply, we email you to let you know that we have your application, and we'll tell you if anything is missing.

When your file is complete, we assign your file to members of the Faculty Committee on Admissions and Entering Awards. They make admission and scholarship decisions at that time, and we notify you immediately. People typically get a decision 1-2 weeks after they receive notice their file is complete.

At Stetson, we know that waiting a long time for a decision is stressful and makes it difficult to plan for the future. We adopted the rolling admission strategy to better serve our students.

We strongly encourage applicants to take the LSAT in the fall and apply early in the cycle to be in the best possible place for scholarship consideration. The later you apply the more risk you run that scholarship dollars and seats will be taken.

Plus, many schools offer open houses or other special events for admitted students in early spring; if you apply at the end of the cycle you miss out on getting to know your classmates and professors!

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