7 Notable Facts about Stetson Law’s LL.M. in International Law

January 30, 2018

Every law program is a little different — whether it be the curriculum, the types of experiences you’ll have between classes, or the composition of your potential LL.M. class. These details can really make a difference when selecting the right LL.M. program for you. To help you out, here are seven noteworthy things that make Stetson Law’s International Law LL.M. different from the rest.


Network With International and Domestic Students

In our International Law LL.M. both international and domestic students are welcome. It is a great opportunity to network with people from around the world all in one place. Students can complete coursework in international topics, travel to the Cayman Islands for Winter Break, participate in externships in the American and Caribbean Law Initiative, Refugee and Torture Center, the Immigration Clinic or with one of the international businesses located in Tampa Bay.

Take Advantage of Flexibility

Of the 24 credits needed to complete the Master of Laws in International Law, only 15 are required. This leaves 9 or more open for students to select classes in fields they are passionate about or to take a variety of coursework. Stetson also offers a part-time option for domestic students and those that qualify.

Delve Into the U.S. Legal System

Stetson offers an Introduction to United States Legal System for its international students to give them a glimpse into U.S. Justice Systems and areas of law. Often this class includes visits to the local prison and court house. This is also a great opportunity to meet a variety of professors on campus and network with other new students from around the world.

Faculty with International Legal Experience

Our faculty have spoken to the United Nations about protecting the wetlands, represented the United States in international arbitration cases before the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, and taken Colombian drug lords to court. They’ve stood for justice and assisted in business transactions across the globe. They use their practical experience as example of law in action and pass that knowledge on to their students.

Educators With an Interest in Your Success

Our collegial faculty and staff are invested in your education and working at a small institution has the benefit of affording faculty the time to give personalized attention to their students. Students can meet professors after hours to discuss a classroom topic or ask for advice on career advancement. Some can also make the extra time to meet you for coffee.

Go Deeper With Emphasis Programs

Beyond classroom success, LLM Students interested in Business Law or Environmental Law have the unique opportunity through our emphasis program to be matched with a mentor from our experienced faculty. This gives the mentor and student a chance to really get to know each other and to dive deeper into the subject matter. The student and mentor are expected to meet bi-weekly to discuss relevant topics in the field and mentors also spend time giving their student additional academic and professional advice.

Complete Exciting Externships

Every International Law LL.M. student is required to complete an externship. In the past our students have gained experience within the fields of business, finance and banking, higher education, refugee and immigration, environment and civil court procedure. Gain experience for your resume/CV and put your knowledge of legal theory into action.

These are just a few reasons why Stetson Law's International Law LL.M. may be the right fit for you! Schedule a visit for a campus tour or use our virtual tour to experience more of Stetson Law's campus. For those that can't make an on campus appointment, reach out to our International Programs office to schedule a phone or Skype appointment at international@law.stetson.edu. We would be happy to speak to you about how Stetson Law can help you reach your future career goals.

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