Is an online LL.M. degree worth it?

September 30, 2019

Will earning the LL.M. online have the same cache as it would if earned the old way - brick and mortar style? Online education - whether offered by small private or large state institutions - is increasing in popularity. Look up the phrase “value of an online degree” and you will find dozens of articles on the topic. Most are positive in their evaluation of the programs and schools. They caution readers to consider some of the following points.

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Here are the top 5 things to look for in an online LL.M.

Qualified and Experienced Faculty

A quality institution will have full-time faculty leading their program. At Stetson, our LL.M. faculty are comprised of our full-time tenured faculty and a select, well-trained group of subject matter experts (both experienced practitioners and faculty at other law schools who serve as adjuncts). 


Lawyers have busy schedules. If you have a big court case coming up, you need to put school on hold. Online programs are just better for working professionals. Our faculty tell us that they work with their students when Life Happens, and offer them more flexible timelines for course requirements. As long as you hold up your end of the deal and communicate with your professor regularly, they will work with you. Just don’t abuse the privilege!

High Standards

A quality online LL.M. sets high standards for the courses. They involve assigned reading, reviewing videos, conducting research, recording yourself for an oral assignment, writing papers and more. Many involve team projects and online discussion boards. A quality LL.M. holds students to the same - or higher - standards as a traditional brick and mortar graduate level course. Most students go part-time to ensure they can balance work, family and school.

Top Quality Technology

Reliable, cutting edge technology is critical for asynchronous learning that takes students beyond just watching videos and group chat features. Software that allows for document sharing, group document editing, video conferencing and uploading, and more is essential to a full experience. Good technology enhances the learning environment.

Interactive students and engaged faculty

These courses are not meant to be taken in a vacuum - they are not the correspondence courses of old. A good online program requires and promotes interaction, dialog, group learning and demands hard work from its students. It is rigorous and meant to help you get to the next level of your career.  Stetson’s LL.M. courses require students to engage both in the virtual classroom and out. Students and faculty get to meet one another during conferences held by our Centers. 

Hiring managers are coming to realize that online learning is more in line with the times. Unlike more traditional graduate school, people are just too busy to commit to specific evenings, nor can they give up whole weekends. Very few professional can step out of the workforce to go to school full-time. Online education, when done right, is a fantastic way to continue to grow your skills and prepare for the next step in your career.  

Remember, you get what you give. If you don’t put in the work, you will waste your time and money and will likely fail. There is no fast-pass in an online LL.M.!

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