It Isn't Too Early to Start Prepping for 2018 Admissions

July 17, 2017

Fall 2018 JD applications will open up very soon. Are you ready to apply?

Some law schools begin to accept applications as early as September 1 for the following fall semester. Stetson University College of Law opens its application each year on October 1.

What can you do now for a fall 2018 application to law school?

1. Decide where you will apply. Will you stay in state or go out of state? Decide what is important to you in a law school and find schools that meet your needs. Make a list of Must Haves – they can be scholarship support and retention rates, employment rates, bar passage, clinics, externships, concentrations or even location. By all means please try and visit your schools!

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2. Prepare for the the LSAT. Decide how you will study and build a schedule that incorporates LSAT study time into your week – do not procrastinate. If you can save money for a preparation course, it may well be worth the investment. The LSAT and your GPA have a big impact on scholarship funding. Never take the LSAT cold.

3. Start thinking about Letters of Recommendation. Begin talking with your professors, supervisors and others who might be good recommenders. Ask them early, especially faculty, well before other anxious students start asking for recommendations. Make it easy for them. Give them all the information they need to submit a GOOD letter to LSAC for you!

4. Get ready for the Personal Statement. Ask each law school to which you plan to apply what they require and begin drafting your personal statement/essay. You will want to spend time editing those Personal Statements very carefully.

5. Update your resume. Update or create your resume and have someone review for errors!

Your best fit for law school may be one you have yet to discover. Keep an open mind and do research. Check out the blogs and read news articles. Do your due diligence and make sure your home for the next three years is the best fit for you and your career goals!

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