[Video] Admissions Tips: The Early Bird Gets The Worm

February 5, 2018

 Welcome to Admission Tips from Stetson Law's Admissions team! Hear from Assistant Dean Laura Zuppo, who shares one of her favorite tips.


We know that applicants have a lot of questions about law school, so we're gonna provide you with three tips, keep this nice and short, and this will be the beginning of a series of videos that we'll do. My favorite tip for applicants is the early bird gets the worm. And so while I know the trend today is that candidates apply later and later in the cycle, applying closer to the February, March, April, May, even June timeframes, we really encourage you to apply early. So if you're a sophomore or a junior definitely make sure that you apply early. Scholarship awards are offered early in the cycle, and you never know how much money is going to be left if you wait until the end.

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